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Event Attendee Policies


When you registered for a WCW event, you agreed that your contact information may be shared with sponsors and our MSSA members. At no time will attendee’s email addresses be sold.


While WCW has taken care to ensure the qualifications of speakers, presenters and moderators at this conference, the opinions, comments, and other views made by a participant in their presentations are not necessarily those of WCW nor its officers, directors, planning committee or staff.


By registering for a WCW event, attendees agree to allow WCW to use their likeness in any WCW related production or publications, including, but not limited to, emails, social media posts, printed materials, videos, and websites.


WCW encourages the use of social media during our events. We welcome your photos and quotes.

Filming or live streaming of any presentation, session or exhibit hall booth is prohibited without the permission of the presenter or exhibitor. Additionally, if you are unsure about whether it’s appropriate to post a photo or quote, please speak with the presenter of exhibitor to request their permission before posting. Violation of this policy may result in confiscation of the media and your removal from the event.

Attendees are asked to be respectful of their colleagues by turning off or silencing all mobile devices before entering meeting rooms.


Participants in WCW events or activities shall adhere to the terms of the WCW Respectful Workplace Policy. This policy prohibits actions or behaviours which may create a situation that is deemed to be unfair, abusive, or threatening on grounds related to age, sex, ethnicity, colour of skin, ancestry, place of origin, religion, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or political belief.

WCW Directors and staff are committed to adhering to this policy and require participants in WCW events to adhere to the same standard. Violations or reported violations of the policy will be reviewed and addressed by a three-person committee consisting of the Executive Director, Association President and the Event Chair. Consequences of behaviour deemed to be not in compliance shall be dealt with through measures considered appropriate given the circumstances. Typical measures may include, but are not limited to: issuance of a written warning; an order to change specific behaviours, displays, advertising materials, etc.; expulsion from a current event; and/or a ban from participation at a future event. The measures may be of one-time or long-term consequence as deemed appropriate.

Persons affected by such a decision may submit a written appeal for review to the WCW Board of Directors. WCW prohibits retaliation against any WCW staff, volunteer, conference participants or other person for making a complaint under WCW policy or for assisting in a complaint investigation.